Park your car for free in Amsterdam and rent a bicycle

Are you going to visit Amsterdam by car? You can park for free and rent a bicycle to get around during your stay. Or bring your own bicycle!

Step 1, choose your exit from the highway.

From the east you will arrive with the A1, merging with the A9 or A10 (ring around Amsterdam).

From the south (east) you will arrive with the A2, also merging with the A9 or A10

Perhaps the A4 if you visited another city first.

Eventually you merge with the A4 or A5 if you continue to get closer to the old city.

These exits can bring you to a free parking zone:


exit 2, s114 (Diemen, Amsterdam IJburg)

exit 13, s113 you are on the A10 by now (Amsterdam-Watergraafsmeer, Diemen).

exit 1, s113 you are on the A9 by now (Amsterdam-Bijlmermeer)


exit 3, s111 (Amsterdam Zuidoost)

exit 1 (Ouderkerk aan den Amstel, Duivendrecht)

exit 11, (Amsterdam Overamstel)


exit 1, s107 (Amsterdam-Sloten)


exit 7, s106 (Badhoevedorp, Lijnden, Amsterdam Osdorp)


exit 2, s103 (IJmuiden, Amsterdam Geuzenveld)

exit 3, s102 (Amsterdam Westpoort, Amsterdam Centrum)

exit 1, s101 (Amsterdam Hemhavens)


exit 18, s118 (Amsterdam Tuindorp Oostzaan, Oostzanerwerf)

exit 17, s117 (Landsmeer)

exit 16, s116 (Volendam)

exit 15, s115 (Durgerdam)

exit 14, s114 (Zeeburg)

Step 2, find bicycles to rent

If you don’t bring your own bicycles, then you should find bicycles to rent. There is no ‘free floating’ rental scheme for bicycles in Amsterdam (luckily!) only bike rent stations (by Donkey Republic). And those are in the paid parking zones.

So you have to find a bike shop. There are many shops all over the city. After all, there are more bicycles than inhabitants in the city. Many but not all bike shops rent out bicycles. From a bike shop you probably also get a better deal if you rent for several days.

All this is based upon the maps of parking zones. Which might change! See this map for Amsterdam, this one for neighbouring Diemen and this one for Amstelveen. These maps overlap.